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Interior Designer - Kate Thornley-Hall

Toronto-based, London-trained Interior Designer Kate Thornley-Hall, whose unique eye for creating sophisticated yet lively interiors inspires the KTH Collection. Kate’s Home Line includes contemporary hand-woven carpets from Nepal and India as well as a new grouping of flat-weaves, decorative wallpapers and throw pillows.

Inspired by designs from Canadian artists and fashion designers and the artisanal craftsmanship of Nepalese and Indian weavers, the KTH Collection brings home Kate’s trademark style, which combines a love of contemporary graphics and colour with antique furnishings.

After working with the renowned stylist Ann Boyd at Ralph Lauren’s London offices, Kate created her own interior design and antique sourcing company, SourceUK, in London in 1992. Upon returning to Canada Kate launched her eponymous Interior Design business in Toronto followed by her signature line of carpets in 2007. Since then she has worked with such artists and designers as Eric Mathew, Virginia Johnson and Smythe to build a collection whose mission is to bring contemporary art and design into interiors.

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